XBlack And XBlue PHPLinkBid Templates

20th April 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

XBlack And XBlue are very cool looking free PHPLinkBid template by XtremeLinkBidding Directory. 🙂

The templates are big, spacious… So the user has the availability of space to add more resources to his/her PHPLinkBid powered directories. The color combo is nice and pleasing. Fluid width most probably. What’s more…Well the template is easy to customize, so you have an easy job in hand, working on your template.

Screenshots for XBlue and XBlack…..respectively…


XBlue PHPLinkBid Template


XBlack PHPLinkBid Template

Sponsored by: XtremeLinkBidding (Both Templates)

Terms For Use: XBlack and XBlue, both are free templates. However you required to keep the footer links to the sponsors as they are.

Download Link:

XBlue : Click Here

XBlack: Click Here

Recommendation For PHPLB Owners

18th April 2007 Comments 1 by Bid Web Directory

Humm (Digital Point Member) recently pointed a very important thing which is of great deal of importance for all PHPLinkBid Directory owners. Please note what he has to say and this is not to be taken lightly 🙂

This is very important and you should fix this issue so that all the sites listed in your directory gets the maximum returns.

Recently there have been many bidding web directories coming up and most of them are using script from phplinkbid.

The script is easy to modify, redesign, etc but I would like to bring notice to Bidding Web Directory Owners that their link detail page (the page where you increase the bids which acts like a detail page) give out a “nofollow” link to the link owner.

Kindly edit your link.tpl file and edit the following line:

<div class=“link-date”><a href=“{link_url}” rel=“nofollow”>{link_url}</a></div>

And replace it by:

<div class=“link-date”><a href=“{link_url}”>{link_url}</a></div>

Humm is a member at DP and owns the bidding directory: Dollar Link. 🙂

His contributions are greatly appreciated.

Note: This is the case in the default template that comes out with phplinkbid script. Most of the templates available for phpLB have been taken care of. However we suggest that you do check your link.tpl file. Great Thanks

DollarLink PHPLinkBid Template

18th April 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

DollarLink is a new CSS based free PHPLB template. Loads up really fast and works well on your PHPLB powered directories.

The template is close to original, yet better in many many ways. This is much more clean and you bet it’s professional as well. 🙂 Ofcourse the striking feature is the sidebar for your sitewide sponsors or links. I really appreciate the idea of centralizing the “Top Bidder” right near the top. This really gives that much relevance and worth to your top bidder. Looks great and much recommended 😉



DollarLink PHPLinkBid Template

Sponsored By: Premium Business Web Directory & Big Web Links Permanent Bid Web Directory .

Terms For Use: The DollarLink template is free to use as long as the footer links to the sponsors remain intact or rather as it is and without the use of any “nofollow” attributes 😀

Live Demo: Dollar Link

Download Link: Click Here .

RealWD PHPLinkBid Template

17th April 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

RealWD PHPLB Template as the name suggests, is brought to you by RealWD 🙂

RealWD template is certainly among the best designed templates. The color combination rocks! And the template looks so professional and elegant.

One of the striking features of this template is “Partners” block which is sitewide.

Note: RealWD theme is © 2007 by RealWD LLC and is released under the Creative Commons License.

Let’s have a look at this professional template’s screenshot 🙂


RealWD PHPLinkBid Template

Designed and Sponsored By RealWd .

Terms For Use: You are free to use RealWD PHPLB template providing the link to the sponsor “RealWD” at the bottom remains intact.

Live Demo: RealWD Keywords

Download Link: Click Here .

Better Bids PHPLinkBid Template

17th April 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Better Bids PHPLB template is brought to you by Aviva Directory. The template is very nice, clean and looks professional. Certainly a wanna have if you own a phplb and want to have a clean look on your directory 🙂

Check out the cool screenshot:


Better Bids PHPLinkBid Template

Sponsored By: Aviva Directory

Terms For Use: The BetterBid PHPLB template is free to use as long as you keep the link to sponsor as it is in the footer.

Live Demo: UP6

Download Link: Click Here .