Maximize Earnings With PHPLinkBid

30th May 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Recently, i came across a blogpost from the owner of the PHPLinkBid script. He has shared his experiences on phpLinkBid and bidding directories and has also stated some useful tips for being a successful bidding directory owner and maximizing your earnings with the phpLinkBis script.

All in all, it’s a good read. However you would want to grab some fresh coffee, or beer, or lemon-ginger tea before you start giving a read to this long but useful post from Gabe (owner of PHPLinkBid).

The article begins in a cool way, with Gabe, coming straight to the point. Here is what he had to say:

Are you ready to earn top dollar with your phpLinkBid directory? phpLinkBid is growing more popular every day and Webmasters are seeking ways to monetize their phpLinkBid Web sites to the max. The goal in this article is to break down some of the most important factors in monetizing your phpLinkBid Web site effectively and joining the top earners.

He talks about some interesting topics, like:

  • Understanding your product
  • Improving your product
  • Promoting your directory
  • Marketing to Niche audiences
  • Maintaining your directory.

It’s a very well written article which you should not miss.

“This article is intended to help you with a thorough and effective strategy for building, promoting and running a profitable phpLinkBid directory. Your experience may differ from mine, but I hope that it helps you in some way by sharing the ideas and methods I have developed from my experiences.” – Gabe

You can read the complete article here at:

How to Maximize Earnings with phpLinkBid.

Good Job Gabe! 🙂

Sleek PHPLinkBid Directory Template

20th May 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Sleek PHPLinkBid template is brought to you by Bidding Web Directory , Web Directory List & Alive Web Directory.

The themes looks good. Blue and white color combinaton are universally appreciated, and that’s what this template uses. Overall, a good template.



Sleek PHPLinkBid Directory Template

Sponsored by: Bidding Web Directory , Web Directory List & Alive Web Directory.

Terms For Use: Sleek is a free phpLinkBid templates. However you required to keep the footer links to the sponsors as they are.

Download Link: Click Here

BidWebDir PHPLinkBid Template

8th May 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

This is awesome work from Ally Web Directory. 😉

Just two hours into the new script being launched, we already have a new template for phpLinkBid 1.2 . This is super fast from Ally Directory 🙂

Okay, the BidWebDir template looks cool. Specially coz it’s named on our bidding directory. The template is sponsored by Web Directory List And Ally Web Directory.

The categories, the link leader and the top X links, we have it all. Even the partners or sponsor links can go in there in the sidebar. The template is very beautiful indeed. The icons again are awesome. A must to have kinda template.



BidWebDir PHPLinkBid Template

Full Screenshot: Click Here .

Sponsored by: Web Directory List And Ally Web Directory

Terms For Use: BidWebDir is a free template. However you required to keep the footer links to the sponsors as they are.

Download Link:

Click Here

Note: Works best on four columns categories. 🙂

Please Leave Your Feedbacks On The Template.

PHPLinkBid v1.2 Is Here Now

8th May 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

PHPLinkBid announces a new version of their popular bidding script, today on May8th’2007.

The one and foremost most significant change has been the addition of categories to the script. That is, that instead of alphabets, which were considered not as much seo-friendly, we have categories this time, which behaves the same way as on other directory scripts.

You can see a live demo at Bid Web Directory which has been updated with the latest version 1.2.

Note: If you are upgrading from 1.0 to 1.2, you should have been sent an email regarding that. Only download the “Upgrade Only” package and not the full download package. This small tip will help solve lot of time 😉

Remember: If you are upgrading from PHPLB 1.0 to PHPLB 1.2, then always remember to backup your files and database. So that you do not lose the data, if any error occurs.

However if you are planning to buy a the script, then no problems for you. Go and buy the script, download the latest version and install it as per instructions.

Whatsoever be the case, it is recommended that you thorughly go through the manual at phpLinkBid site for an easy installation or upgradation on your bidding directory.

PHPLinkBid Script Manual.

For buying a new script, you can ofcourse visit the website .