Description Mod For phpLinkBid

12th July 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

As many of us know, phpLinkBid script has a very unique style of description of a listing. It comes in two lines supporting around 50 characters each etc. This was unique however not popular among many bidding directory owners. So raKcha Resources once again came with a new phpLinkBid mods which replaces the two lines with a regular text box. Much to the likings of many directory owners and advertisers of course.

However, after installing this mod you will have to adjust all the previous listings to the new format. Could be tiresome for few bidding directory owners like me as Bid Web Directory almost has 100 listings and updating all the listings would certainly be a pain.

Alright, i haven’t seen raKcha resources ever mentioning of taking a backup, but i would personally suggest everyone to take a backup before installing any mod. raKcha resources has a professional working behind it but mind you, you are not professional. A little precaution is always handy.

Okay, for the description mod visit raKcha resources phpLinkBid description mod. 🙂

Deep Links Mod For phpLinkBid

12th July 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

So what’s special with your phpLinkBid powered directory?

This has been certain that with such a fierce competition in web directory world, only a quality web directory survives. Your web directory got to have something special in order to survive in this cruel directory world. I call it cruel coz of the competition. Though web directories are always advantageous.

raKcha Resources has developed a phpLinkBid deeplinks mod for your phpLinkBid powered web directory, because of which, you can now offer your clients few additional backlinks to their listed website in the same listing. This definitely adds more advantage to your directory, and your clients gets more links for the same price.

You can visit raKcha’s deep links mod for phpLinkBid on his site for the great tutorial on adding deeplinks to your bidding directory 🙂

Believe me, installing this mod will move you a step ahead of the ones who are not using it. Makes world of difference between the two 😉

PageRank Checker phpLinkBid Mod

5th June 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

PageRank checker. Have lot many such tools on the net. But this one is specially designed for phpLinkBid powered Bidding directories.

Comes for a price of $12.95. Little pricey for it’s size and ability.

Launched by, this is what they have to say about this mod:

“Our PageRank Checker add-on gives your visitors a PageRank checker tool right at their fingertips! Easy to install and even easier to use.”

Live Demo: Click Here .

If you are looking forward to have this mod on your directory, then you can order one from the PHPLinkBid site itself. Order now!

Advanced Link Stats PhpLinkBid Mod

1st June 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Advanced Link Stats is a mod for your phpLinkBid powered directories wherein the stats shows up for the listings in your bidding directories.

The stats include Backlinks from three sources, which are Google, Yahoo! and Technorati.  Then there are Indexed pages in three SE’s , i.e. Google, Yahoo! and MSN. The last columns has features like the Pagerank of the listing, .edu backlinks, .gov backlinks and whether Dmoz listed or not. Cool work on the mod.

The mod is pretty good and useful. However we believe the concept originally belonged to Big Web Links and Web Directory List. PHPLinkBid could have made this mod look a lot different even if it wanted to have the same features as that of Big Web Links directory. But unfortunately as on now,  the mod looks to be a copy.

Anyways, here is how the mod looks like:


Advanced Link Stats PhpLinkBid Mod

Sadly, this mod is not free 🙁 . In anycase you are looking to buy this mod, it comes for $19.95. You can buy it from here: Click Here.

Installation is very simple! Just upload the files, run the installer, and you’re done. Then you need to update/refresh stats of course.

There are two modified template files and some stylesheet changes, but upgrading custom templates should be pretty easy.

We, at Bid Web Directory, recommend you to take backup of your files and data before you add or install any mod. Thanks 🙂