Power Theme PHPLinkBid Template

11th July 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Power Theme PHPLinkBid Template is brought to you by PagePower.

Really nice color combination used on this template. The theme looks great. The screenshot’s of the listed websites adds the extra elegance to the template. Really a good job done!



Power Theme PHPLinkBid Template

Live Demo: DFBid

Sponsored By: Banner Spaces & Page Power.

Terms For Use: Power Theme is a free phpLinkBid templates. However you are required to keep the footer links to the sponsors as they are.

Download Link: Click Here

Ally Tree PHPLinkBid Template

13th June 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Ally Tree has to be the best template ever launched for PHPLinkBid powered directories. And yet again, we have this template from Ally Web Directory. ๐Ÿ˜€

Not only does it look fabulous, but it also has an exciting and a most useful feature of showing both categories and alphabets atthe same time. Now all those who worried upgrading their phpLinkBid bidding directories coz of the fear of losing all the indexed alphabetical pages can fearlessly and happily switch to Ally Tree phpLinkBid template.

Now every listing in your directory will be shown on both the alphabets and normal categories. So every listing gets a link in two categories. So more for the buyers and advertisers as well with this template. This is a great template and once again recommended for all bidding directories owners by us, Bid Web Directory ๐Ÿ™‚

Partial Screenshot:


Ally Tree PHPLinkBid Template

Full Screenshot: Click Here

Sponsored by: Web Directory List And Ally Web Directory .

Live Demo: Bidding Web Directory.

Terms For Use: Ally Tree is a free phpLinkBid templates. However you required to keep the footer links to the sponsors as they are. You cannot remove the footer links to Web Directory List and Ally Web Directory, whatsoever.

Download Link: Click Here To Download Ally Tree PHPLinkBid Template.

You can read more about this template and other Ally Directoryโ€™s template at :

Ally Web Directory >> PHPLinkBid Templates .

Nerve Black PHPLinkBid Template

1st June 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Nerve Black PHPLinkBid template is brought to you by Nerve Directory.

It’s a dar colored template which supports both categories and alphabets. You just have to chose how it should look like, from the admin panel.

It also supports a special package which is handy in case you have advanced link stats mod on your directory.

Here is how the template looks like:


Nerve Black PHPLinkBid Template

Live Demo: Nerve Directory

Sponsored by: Nerve Directory.

Terms For Use: The owner has this to say:

  1. You must keep the link to Nerve Web Directory in the footer.
  2. You may not resell, redistribute or claim this template as your own in any way.
  3. You may not hold us responsible for any damage or loss due to the use of this template!

I don’t know but perhaps the third point says..Use this at your own risk!…Lol…Just kidding!

Download Link:

XBlack And XBlue PHPLinkBid Templates

20th April 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

XBlack And XBlue are very cool looking free PHPLinkBid template by XtremeLinkBidding Directory. ๐Ÿ™‚

The templates are big, spacious… So the user has the availability of space to add more resources to his/her PHPLinkBid powered directories. The color combo is nice and pleasing. Fluid width most probably. What’s more…Well the template is easy to customize, so you have an easy job in hand, working on your template.

Screenshots for XBlue and XBlack…..respectively…


XBlue PHPLinkBid Template


XBlack PHPLinkBid Template

Sponsored by: XtremeLinkBidding (Both Templates)

Terms For Use: XBlack and XBlue, both are free templates. However you required to keep the footer links to the sponsors as they are.

Download Link:

XBlue : Click Here

XBlack: Click Here