Deep Links Mod For phpLinkBid

12th July 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

So what’s special with your phpLinkBid powered directory?

This has been certain that with such a fierce competition in web directory world, only a quality web directory survives. Your web directory got to have something special in order to survive in this cruel directory world. I call it cruel coz of the competition. Though web directories are always advantageous.

raKcha Resources has developed a phpLinkBid deeplinks mod for your phpLinkBid powered web directory, because of which, you can now offer your clients few additional backlinks to their listed website in the same listing. This definitely adds more advantage to your directory, and your clients gets more links for the same price.

You can visit raKcha’s deep links mod for phpLinkBid on his site for the great tutorial on adding deeplinks to your bidding directory 🙂

Believe me, installing this mod will move you a step ahead of the ones who are not using it. Makes world of difference between the two 😉