Description Mod For phpLinkBid

12th July 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

As many of us know, phpLinkBid script has a very unique style of description of a listing. It comes in two lines supporting around 50 characters each etc. This was unique however not popular among many bidding directory owners. So raKcha Resources once again came with a new phpLinkBid mods which replaces the two lines with a regular text box. Much to the likings of many directory owners and advertisers of course.

However, after installing this mod you will have to adjust all the previous listings to the new format. Could be tiresome for few bidding directory owners like me as Bid Web Directory almost has 100 listings and updating all the listings would certainly be a pain.

Alright, i haven’t seen raKcha resources ever mentioning of taking a backup, but i would personally suggest everyone to take a backup before installing any mod. raKcha resources has a professional working behind it but mind you, you are not professional. A little precaution is always handy.

Okay, for the description mod visit raKcha resources phpLinkBid description mod. 🙂