PHPLinkBid Version 1.4

27th December 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

PHPLinkBid Version 1.4 was launched recently which replaced the version 1.2. This latest version of phpLinkBid script is officially out now and available for download.
The new version has lot of power packed features.  Looks like lot of brain went into the development of the latest version of phpLinkBid. Some of the important updates in this version are:

  • Unlimited category levels & new category settings
  • Deep Links
  • Email Manager
  • Link Approvals
  • Link Expiration + Expiration Notices
  • Outbid Notifications w/ opt-out
  • Latest Links
  • Custom Language Files
  • Configurable link description lengths + JavaScript character count
  • Multiple Currencies & Currency Manager
  • Custom link detail page URLs
  • Non-whole dollar amounts for bids
  • Scheduled jobs for automated tasks using crontab or pageview triggers.
  • And more…

Among these major improvements, i think i really like deep links, non-whole dollar amount for bids, deep categories, latest links functionality and outbid notification.

PHPLinkBid 1.4.2

PHPLinkBid 1.4.2

It is certainly a major development and i believe that this new version is here to stay for long. All those who want to order the new version can visit and buy the script. If you already are a member, then use your account to get the free copy of v1.4 so that you can upgrade the script on your licensed site. For new sites, of course you will have to buy the new script.

Good luck with your Bidding Directories 🙂

PHPLinkBid v1.2 Is Here Now

8th May 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

PHPLinkBid announces a new version of their popular bidding script, today on May8th’2007.

The one and foremost most significant change has been the addition of categories to the script. That is, that instead of alphabets, which were considered not as much seo-friendly, we have categories this time, which behaves the same way as on other directory scripts.

You can see a live demo at Bid Web Directory which has been updated with the latest version 1.2.

Note: If you are upgrading from 1.0 to 1.2, you should have been sent an email regarding that. Only download the “Upgrade Only” package and not the full download package. This small tip will help solve lot of time 😉

Remember: If you are upgrading from PHPLB 1.0 to PHPLB 1.2, then always remember to backup your files and database. So that you do not lose the data, if any error occurs.

However if you are planning to buy a the script, then no problems for you. Go and buy the script, download the latest version and install it as per instructions.

Whatsoever be the case, it is recommended that you thorughly go through the manual at phpLinkBid site for an easy installation or upgradation on your bidding directory.

PHPLinkBid Script Manual.

For buying a new script, you can ofcourse visit the website .