PHPLinkBid v1.2 Is Here Now

8th May 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

PHPLinkBid announces a new version of their popular bidding script, today on May8th’2007.

The one and foremost most significant change has been the addition of categories to the script. That is, that instead of alphabets, which were considered not as much seo-friendly, we have categories this time, which behaves the same way as on other directory scripts.

You can see a live demo at Bid Web Directory which has been updated with the latest version 1.2.

Note: If you are upgrading from 1.0 to 1.2, you should have been sent an email regarding that. Only download the “Upgrade Only” package and not the full download package. This small tip will help solve lot of time 😉

Remember: If you are upgrading from PHPLB 1.0 to PHPLB 1.2, then always remember to backup your files and database. So that you do not lose the data, if any error occurs.

However if you are planning to buy a the script, then no problems for you. Go and buy the script, download the latest version and install it as per instructions.

Whatsoever be the case, it is recommended that you thorughly go through the manual at phpLinkBid site for an easy installation or upgradation on your bidding directory.

PHPLinkBid Script Manual.

For buying a new script, you can ofcourse visit the website .

Recommendation For PHPLB Owners

18th April 2007 Comments 1 by Bid Web Directory

Humm (Digital Point Member) recently pointed a very important thing which is of great deal of importance for all PHPLinkBid Directory owners. Please note what he has to say and this is not to be taken lightly 🙂

This is very important and you should fix this issue so that all the sites listed in your directory gets the maximum returns.

Recently there have been many bidding web directories coming up and most of them are using script from phplinkbid.

The script is easy to modify, redesign, etc but I would like to bring notice to Bidding Web Directory Owners that their link detail page (the page where you increase the bids which acts like a detail page) give out a “nofollow” link to the link owner.

Kindly edit your link.tpl file and edit the following line:

<div class=“link-date”><a href=“{link_url}” rel=“nofollow”>{link_url}</a></div>

And replace it by:

<div class=“link-date”><a href=“{link_url}”>{link_url}</a></div>

Humm is a member at DP and owns the bidding directory: Dollar Link. 🙂

His contributions are greatly appreciated.

Note: This is the case in the default template that comes out with phplinkbid script. Most of the templates available for phpLB have been taken care of. However we suggest that you do check your link.tpl file. Great Thanks