Directory Skin’s 5 PHPLinkBid Template

9th August 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Directory Skins really has some cool skins for your phpLinkBid powered directories. However the style is not different at all, it’s just the colors of each template that makes all the difference.

The template loooks great. The hard work behind the template can be seen by anyone. These templates are for phpLinkBid 1.2 and supports both alphabetical and categories. n the right we also have space for sponsors with a little description for each of them. And yes, this definitely makes you add some text on your directory.

Let’s have a look at how the template looks like:


Directory Skin Blue PHPLinkBid Template

I chose the color blue for the screenshot. There are 4 more brilliant colors waiting to be explored. This template is available in Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Brown. 🙂

For Download Links and Live Demo‘s, you can visit Directory Skins>> PHPLinkBid Skins.

We personally would like to congratulate Directory Skins for the great templates. Well done guys! 😉

Ally-Bid PHPLinkBid Template

10th June 2007 Comments 0 by Bid Web Directory

Ally Bid PHPLinkBid template is brought to you by Ally Web Directory 🙂

Second template from Ally Directory and again a wonderful template. It has categories on the left where you can also have links to sponsors and advertisers. The link leader shows up on top. A spiral looks to the template. Good color combinations. A recommended template from us at Bid Web Directory.



Ally-Bid PHPLinkBid Template

Sponsored by: Web Directory List And Ally Web Directory .

Live Demo: Top Bid Links .

Terms For Use: Ally Bid is a free phpLinkBid templates. However you required to keep the footer links to the sponsors as they are. You cannot remove the footer links to Web Directory List and Ally Web Directory, whatsoever.

Download Link: Click Here To Download Ally Bid PHPLinkBid Template.

You can read more about this template and other Ally Directory’s template at :

Ally Web Directory >> PHPLinkBid Templates . 🙂